CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 80.51% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with INFINOX. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Leverage is the concept of being able to place trades using a small amount of the value of the trade as a deposit, knows as the margin. This can be an extremely useful tool for clients to take advantage of movements in the market whilst only using small amounts of capital. However this is also an increased risk, as losses can be magnified when trading using leverage.

It is strongly recommended that clients use effective risk mitigation tools (such as stop loss orders) and money management when trading with leverage to mitigate the risks of trading.

100:1 Leverage 500:1 Leverage
Notional Value (1 lot) $100,000 $100,000
Margin Required $1,000 $200

To change your leverage log into your client area or contact our premium support team.


SWAP charges are the overnight finance charges that apply when you hold a position over night. It is the cost of borrowing between the value of one currency against the other in a Forex Pair or the outright finance charge of leverage on instruments. You may pay or receive overnight fees.

Overnight fees are available to view in the ‘Product Specifications’ of each instrument in the trading platform. They are quoted in points and applied to your trade overnight, just like a spread charge.

SWAP (points) Long +2.5 Short -1.2
1 Lot (FX) $2.50 $1.20
Instrument Daily Overnight Triple Charge
FX SWAPS Wednesday
Indices Finance Fee Friday
Commodities Finance Fee Wednesday and Friday
Futures (CFD) None None


All future contracts have an expiry date, at which point the contract expires and delivery takes place of the asset. INFINOX offers CFD Futures, which means our contracts don’t expire, but roll forward to next period to allow clients to keep trading and holding positions.

When a CFD Future contract is rolled, it is adjusted from the current month expiry date to the next months expiry date. The change in the two prices is adjusted to the clients account to ensure that client receives no disadvantage from the rollover.

Symbol Product Roll Date
VIX Volatility Index 12/11/2020

Market Notifications

Financial Market hours are often adjusted around Public Holidays and world events. With Financial instruments being traded all over the world, it is common for market hours to be adjusted regularly.

The table illustrates upcoming market notifications that set out any changes to the ‘normal market’ hours.

Clients should always be aware that changes in market hours can often have an impact on the liquidity of the market, which can cause large price movements and gaps in pricing. Clients should always maintain sufficient margin and pay particular attention to highly volatile market conditions.

Symbol US Thanksginving The Day after Thanksgiving
SPX500 Eariy Close @ 20:00 Eariy Close @ 20:15
NAS100 Eariy Close @ 20:00 Eariy Close @ 20:15
US2000 Eariy Close @ 20:00 Eariy Close @ 20:15

Margin Stop & Margin Call

Trading with leverage means that you use small amounts of capital to place larger trades. This capital is known as Margin. If the market moves against you, it is important that you maintain sufficient margin in your account to keep the positions open.

If the equity on your account falls to 120% of the margin required, you will enter a ‘margin call’ which a period where you should add more funds to increase your equity or reduce your margin requirement. If the equity on your account falls to 100% of the margin required, your largest positions and subsequent positions may be closed out.

Margin Call Margin Stop
Equity % of Margin Required 120% 100%